sleepless in Cairo

Thinker Boy took this picture of himself at an unknown hour last night. He used the camera built into his Lenovo Yoga 2 computer.

He should have been sleeping at the time. Instead, he was up roaming around in the dark. He started his nocturnal wandering by peering out his living room window and then the idea of taking a selfie was born in his brain, immaculate-conception style. So he grabbed up the Lenovo and did the deed. He liked the way the ordinary light became this lurid orange hue. It reminded him of the hell he was in because of the insomnia.

He couldn’t sleep because his mind was too active as it often is. His body kept trying to dissolve into the mattress and it got close, too, quite a few times. But then, just at the last second, an idea would swim into the dark water of his mind, its swishing tail creating big enough ripples to rouse him.

Thinker Boy is a thinker, as his name makes clear. Thinking has saved him, time and time again. It has showed him the way when all was dark.

Thinking is a double-edge sword, though. Last night, one of those edges caused Thinker Boy to lose a little blood.

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